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Remington Hepburn Kit
Remington Hepburn Kit
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Machined kit - $695.00
Unmachined kit - $495.00
(plus $30 shipping & handling)
Please check out our Remington Hepburn kit! The machined kits are supplied with the barrel shank hole bored and tapped. All screw holes are drilled and tapped. The receiver & trigger guard are partially machined & the breech block has the face surface ground & the firing pin hole drilled. All springs are supplied tempered. Of course, unmachined kits have no machining.

This kit can be finished with hand tools, although access to a lathe & other machine tools is a definite plus.

All parts are castings of 8620 steel and are unheat treated. The action is recommended for use with black powder cartridges only.

Both machined and unmachined kits are ready for shipping. These kits are NOT mass produced, so filling of orders may depend on foundry production schedules.

Kits include a rudimentary set of instructions, but it's assembly requires reasonable gunsmithing skills and knowlege of single shot actions and their function.

Contact us at 402-388-4844 for further information!

Feature Article
Ever since I have been interested in single shot rifles (which seems like all my adult life) I have wanted a Remington Hepburn. Over the years I have run into a variegated assortment here and there but most, even the grungiest have been overpriced for my rather austere gun budget. In a few cases I have just missed some real bargains. This is the curse of the gun crank. A few years ago there was an outfit in Texas or Oklahoma that was producing complete Hepburn action clones (and complete rifles) but these were fairly expensive for me also. Word was they were nicely made, though I never did see one. I haven't seen their ads recently in SSE so I'm not sure they are still in business. Then in an issue of SSE sometime last year I read a terse review written by Col. Boyd of a Hepburn action kit that was available from Upper Missouri Trading Co. in Nebraska. I, of course, had to check this out!
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Remington-Hepburn Butt Plate - Typical buttplate found on many Hepburns and, possibly, some rolling blocks - Wax casting of 8620 steel BT-30 $20 plus ppg. (click image for larger)
Remington-Hepburn Butt Plate

Remington-Hepburn Forend Tip - copied from an original gun - Wax casting of 8620 steel P-178 $15 plus ppg. (click image for larger)
Remington-Hepburn Forend Tip

If ordered individually allow $5 for ppg and handling. No extra charge if ordered with a kit.