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  Swiss Powder Swiss Black Powder (Sporting Black Powder)
Since its US introduction in the late 1990's, the Swiss Black Powder has become the POWDER OF CHOICE among black powder competitors. Unsurpassed quality with greater power, lower standard deviations and superior performance results in higher competition scores.
The factory for the Swiss black powder is ISO 9001 certified.
   ~ 1 Fg (1.2 ~ 1.6 mm)
   ~ 1 1/2 Fg (0.9 ~ 1.36 mm)
   ~ 2 Fg (0.67 ~ 1.36 mm)
   ~ 3 Fg (0.508 ~ 0.870 mm)
   ~ 4 Fg ( 0.226 ~ 0.508 mm)
SWISS NULL B POWDER (very fine priming powder)

Schuetzen Powder Schuetzen Black Powder (Rifle Black Powder)
The newest black powder propellant to come to the United States! The Schuetzen powder is manufactured in Germany by the Wano Schwarzpulver factory with Alder Charcoal. Alder is one ot the most sought after charcoals for better black powder performance. Schuetzen has been critically formulated to ensure quality and consistency shot after shot.
   ~ 1 Fg (1.18 ~ 1.7 mm)
   ~ 2 Fg (0.6 ~ 1.18 mm)
   ~ 3 Fg ((0.3 ~ 0.85 mm)
   ~ Reenactor for blank loads, etc. for reenactor groups